Truth is such an multi-faceted, multi-layered concept. No wonder its such a trouble-some subject. Everyone has his or her own definition of what ‘truth’ is. And everybody has a unique set of rules that govern it.


Our conclusion is that truth, rather than absolute, must be dynamic. And like it or not, truth is obviously always subject to perception. Culture, fear, religious training, mood, mission and stage of evolution seem to be the most potent of the many inter-related factors that slant the view.


What’s your truth? Do you speak it . . . live it . . . gray it, according to what?


Truthology is the Being Unlimited study of the many aspects of truth.



A candid, personal account of one soul’s journey. Its purpose is to promote unmasking and kinship in the process of becoming whole.

Thoughts and feelings will be shared on a random schedule, within a limited group of themes.


Why are you here? What uniquely significant gifts and talents are you supposed to bring to Life?

If these are questions you've never pondered you may find this section difficult to accept. If you believe that an outside source, rather than yourSelf, is in charge of your destiny you'll find Path Port seriously disturbing.

On the other hand if you have compelling, if not certain, evidence that each of us has a sacred contract with the Universe and that being of service is fair trade for taking up space on the planet, you will resonate with Path Port.

You'll feel reassured and a deep comfort at being among kin.



Our civilization lacks sufficient respect for the power and impact of language.

The mission of Expressions is to support and promote skillful, well-intentioned communication.