This is the stuff that delicious juicy living is made of. Here is the place to give yourself permission to indulge in life’s most electric experiences.


Contrary to popular myth, we’re actually closest to our spiritual centre when we’re absorbed in the magic of living. That’s when our unedited Self ‘comes out to play’.


Soul’s Sandbox is a heaping helping of genuine soul food that comes in the form of play, creativity, relationships, passion and the delights of children.

Stop awhile. Lay your fears and masks aside. Let your soul remind you – there’s so much more to life than practical cares.


You don’t have to be an accomplished artist to create something of worth. And a thing doesn’t have to be perfect to be meaningful. You just have to be willing to cast aside your inhibitions and personal judgments long enough that your uniqueness has the opportunity to be expressed.


Inspire your self with a visit to Thumbprints. It’s a gallery of low-cost, process-oriented ideas that encourage creative exploration, discovery and expression.



Sizzle is for lovers. Its designed to stir the heart-strings, tickle the imagination and entertain juicy, adult pleasures.


This section is intended for a mature audience of consenting adults. The content is not suitable for minors.



Fingerprints is in honour of the creative, life-affirming delight of being with and working with children.

This department is filled with activities, skill builder ideas and a bunch of other inspirations for the parents, teachers and other caregivers of birth - 12 year olds.



For a little while, at least every now and then. focus directly and purposefully on you. Check your spirit, your mind, your body. What nurturing do you need right now?

Sweet Idleness is about self-pampering, refreshing, playful, leisure, specifically for grown-ups.