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- John Wooden
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JN 14, 2008 • 9:15 AM

Happy Birthday Nana

32/1 • HU • 20 min walk

Home, Hometown, BC


Nana. Today is your 98th birthday. Well it was in your last incarnation. It's been 20 years since you died. I miss you so much. You're the one who was always there for me. The one who never gave up

on the idea that I would 'find' myself. The one who bailed

me out of countless mishaps.

I know that I showed you how much I loved you when you were here, but not nearly enough I think. I miss you.

Wow!!! I am proud. Today is the 1st time since I can remember that I’ve completed my power hour! The workout portion was a 20 minute indoor walk; 9 minutes spiritual exercise and now I'm doing morning pages!!! I need to time it better and I was interrupted



by having to stop and sign some papers (yuck:( Up until then it was turning into a really good morning. So, I’m sure it hasn't been taking me 31 minutes to do my morning pages. I need to also begin working on my timing. Another triumph – got a timer put into the bathroom – I want to get my showers to 7 minutes including hair washing. At this point I need to time them for a while

though. I have no idea how long I take. (That’s not great). What kind of ecoholic are you? Maybe I should go to the studio today and see about getting something created. I don't feel like it. Can't really get my head around going out in the heat. Haven't been there for weeks. It'll be hot and I'm already lazy. Still, it is a work day and think of how good you'll feel



when you accomplish something – anything! Doing morning pages again makes me mindful. MindFull. What does that mean? A full mind? Mind fully. Does everybody have this much trouble with balance? Is it just me who can't hold it together? From one extreme to the other. I seem to have taken these balance and discipline concepts on as life lessons this trip. Seems like I've been struggling with both ever since I can remember myself. How is it I am so consistent with children? My consistency with kids could fairly be called genius level. Boy, if only I could be so good with / to myself. Thanks God - everything. TDa!


This (JN 14/08) sample Morning Page was prior to the current resolve -— everyday: DE 12/08
DE 11/09 … then more?


Had to start over—
DE 12/08 'cause I reneged on the commitment, again.

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