A minute's success pays the failure of years
-Robert Browning
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Like most Creatives, I pass through times of being fully alive and fearless in my creativity and times of being blocked and tightly locked.


When I'm blocked I fall off-the-morning pages-wagon. To date I've been on and off and on again … 5 times. I've only made it to 365 days in a row – once. How crazy is that? I know the empowering impact of morning pages on my art and on my life. Alas! The daily discipline is soooooooo hard, for me, to consistently stick with.


I keep returning to the process because it works.


Each time I return to the daily discipline of 3 long-hand pages of writing I also return to the little rituals that make the process personally sacred.


For me, the rituals are not just about the reverence. A custom routine is quieting to both internal (inner gremlins with dramas and todo lists and spinning thoughts designed to prevent morning pages from taking place) and external (pets wanting breakfast; the ringing telephone) demands.

Everything about the (my) morning page rituals is designed for the comfort of familiarity. Especially in the early stages, the smoother the process, the better.



The coffee needs to be in a big, favourite cup. It's filled with hot (Tim Horton's) coffee customized with two creams and one sweetener. Knowing that there is more waiting is a definite plus.



Instrumental music in the background at just the right volume helps me settle down and in. For the most part, I shuffle through a handful of favourite albums. I need music that I can count on to be there in the background, as a kind of assurance and to act as a cue to my focus.



Morning pages are the most satisfying when I'm looking out of a window. I'm not looking really, i'm gazing, surrendering to the great creator within.


For me, the best morning page windows overlook big water with big sky above. Bird, fish and cloud activity feed my soul.

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