In this complex time of new roles, no rules, flavour-of-the-week self-help techniques and light-speed living, embracing our work-in-progress self isn't easy. For most of us, pseudo self-acceptance is more comfortable than actually doing the mirror work.


Too often we confuse becoming successful, healthy, enlightened, happily married … with simply ‘becoming’. In the drive to become the supposed ideal, we miss the process. And its the process, after all, of becoming more of one’s self that's really the point of the pursuit.


Power Tools is about looking oneself in the eyes and saying “Hello, Light of the World. Remember Who you Really Are.”


Everything being equal, the quality of our life and the things we do with it, all come down to how we feel about our self.

To be successful, on any level, everyone needs a sturdy sense of being loveable and capable.

This section is intended as self-help for individuals whose mental state is generally considered healthy. It is not a substitute for professional counsel.


When a best friend, whom you've shared every up and down with for 20 years snarls at you “Who do you think you are? What I do with my life is None of your business!” the blow is violent and crushing.

On the other hand, there's the delicious exhilaration of being in love.

Trips, Traps and Triumphs is a gymnasium of dark nights of soul; patterns that repeat and the exquisite joys in the range of emotions that we're both blessed with and forged by.



If ya, sometimes, just want to pinch those zesty confident people who seem to always ‘have it together’ you're not alone.

Those ‘go for it!’, ‘get it goin’ on’ types have tapped into the enviable secret zone. Though some people have a predisposition to that electric energy, most get there by years of work. Those who ‘live’ there, do it through regular re-tuning.

With practice, Get Up & Gusto can get to be about as easy it looks. You and I can do it too!