Acting As If What We Do
Makes A Difference

Being Unlimited celebrates the notion that each of us is endowed with a unique genius, of unlimited potential, that longs to be released. And each of us is an integral part in the over-all well-being of everything else.

Our purpose:
to provide insights, tools and applause to those who seek to express their highest vibration and most authentic Self.


Our goal(s):
to serve the world in a positive way to inspire positive co-creation.


Being Unlimited is guided by the following principles which we believe to be fundamental truths.

1. The Universe is dynamic, Interdependent and abundant.


2. Each being possesses a unique genius of unlimited potential, that is a vital component in the over-all well-being of everything else.

3. The birthright of every being is autonomy, acceptance and respect.

4. Answers to all questions regarding purpose and direction are available from within.

5. We are each capable of and responsible for co-creating the Universe.

6. Growth is a uniquely individual, on-going process of awakening into a fully realized being.

7. Genuine success and lasting happiness lie in the active pursuit and willing acceptance of ever greater truths, as well as the.on-going evolution, integration and balance of the whole self.