Contrary to the impression this department title might convey, this is, unfortunately, a serious subject.


What used to be thought of as common decency can no longer be taken for granted. And as such, stating our policy becomes necessary.


What happened to the world where it was unthinkable to 'take a person's identity? How did we get to a place where we need to spell out the fact that it would Not even occur to us to sell your information?



Being Unlimited, Inc. does Not release any information about its visitors or customers to anyone, for any reason.


Credit card information is Not 'kept on file'.


Therefore, you will be contacted prior to fulfillment, should any issues arise during the processing of your order.


If we are unable to contact you by email, the order will be delayed until You contact us.

MAILING LISTS does Not rent, sell or give away information about its visitors or customers except in broad groupings for statistical purposes.


Sometimes, such broad stats are useful as marketing information. Broad grouping does Not include specific mailing addresses, email addresses or financial information.