Healing Heart is about sensitivity, warmth and kindness. It's about finding ways to keep the soul’s energy channel between itself and other people, animals and the natural environment open and responsive.


Its those attributes that bring about empathy and compassion. From there we have a chance of getting to the transformational effects of love.



Most of what is going on around care of the Earth is still money, image or fear based. We still need that leap to inter-species connectedness.

Earth Spirit is about respect and kinship with the Earth. Most importantly, its about how each of us can take personal responsibility and on-going stewardship of the planet and its non-human inhabitants.


To return to a place of wholeness, integrity and balance, one first
has to admit that the wounds exist Then, we can decide which pains we are, at any current time, willing to work to heal.


Mending is a little sanctuary of healing ointments for inner hurts.




No matter how inconsequential any person may feel, at any given time, everyone has, at the very least, a tiny effect on someone or something everyday. Its simply not possible to be alive and not have an effect.

The point then, of ‘Acting As If’, is to propose that since having an influence, of some kind, is unavoidable we may as well make an intentionally ‘positive’ difference!