If you've been on the planet a while you've probably experienced having your feathers ruffled a time or two. …


Not to worry it happens to all of us. What's important is that we

don't ingest the hurt to the point where it creates a pestering festering. When that happens, it seems to be part of who you are. The mind gets into a loop and the story of the hurt keeps being regurgitated and retold.


Writing a forgiveness letter to release a hurt is an effective way to rid yourself of at least some of the impact.


If you are confident that the relationship between you and the person that the letter is intended for is secure, you can mail or even hand deliver the letter. If not, write the letter,, then when you're ready – burn it or tear it up in tiny pieces and send it to recycle.


Let go!


I forgive myself for all the wrong

doing that I have done.