'Reprogramming' your inner dialogue to support your own well-being is not only a great 'mending' technique, it lays a foundation for developing a generally positive outlook.


If well-constructed and repeated often, intentional affirmations

change a person's perspective. After a little while and like ripples in water, (positive) affirmations can positively affect everything in one's life.


Talking to yourself to affirm your health; smarts; prosperity; ability to attract friends; love, cooperative coworkers, restful sleep … feels silly, maybe ridiculous at first. Stick with it — even for a few days. You'll like the change.


You probably won't turn your entire life around in that little time. To be fair, you got or didn't get to where you are or aren't in more time than that. If you're honest, you will have at least a strong suspicion that your outlook is brighter — maybe enough brighter to invest a little more time affirming how fabulous you are.


While there is no absolute right way to perform intentional affirmations, there are guidelines that manifest results more quickly. Toy with the concepts and methods to find out what's most comfortable and effective for you. Work with examples, then construct your own.



• Become conscious of negative scripts that need to be uninstalled.

• Make a list of Unwanted scripts.

• Create a positive affirmation to counter each negative thought pattern.

• Be choosy — work with only 3 - 5 affirmations at a time

• Be specific, but not too wordy
• Be positive and in the present tense … no: ifs, ands or buts!

• Be emotionally charged, consistent and repetitive
• Believe what you are thinking, writing, saying … be sure the affirmation is expressed in a way that resonates with you