No matter how inconsequential any person may feel, at any given time, everyone has, at the very least, a tiny effect on someone or something everyday.

Its simply not possible to be alive and not have an effect. See – not having an effect is, in itself, an effect.

The objective here is not to create a brain bender, but to make it abundantly clear that everyone makes a difference.

The point then, of ‘Acting As If’, is to propose that since having an influence, of some kind, is unavoidable we may as well make an intentionally ‘positive’ difference!


Volunteer some of your time. In the world of community-based organizations, there's always great need for giving souls, willing to roll up their sleeves and engage in a little good, honest labour.

Commit even a few hours a week, on your own, or as a family. Acting as if what you do can make a difference, does …more


In as little as a few minutes any given day, anyone of us Can make a meaningful, memorable difference in someone else's life.


Maybe one has to be wired to even see the opportunities, for kindness, compassion and universal love, that present themselves.


Maybe, service to Life is a value that can be learned. Begin …more