What if it's true that Life gives us exactly what we ask for? What if the thoughts we think are actually energy waves that can be harnessed and used to transmit our desires to the 'Great Genie in the sky'?


If it's true, then the only limitation to living a fulfilling, delectable life is how big we can dream! It means that we can each be, do and have Anything we want. Who we'd like to become, the things we want to have, the adventures we'd like to experience and the people we'd like to bless our lives, are truly only thoughts away.


But what’s the formula? Why don’t we get quick delivery of all wishes, every time?


DreamSeeds seeks insight into the principles and protocols of wishful thinking.


Upon a Star explores how working with Universal laws like the law of attraction can get you what you really, really want.


Puzzle Pieces is a nutshell encyclopedia of metaphysical and esoteric subjects.



Being Unlimited, in cooperation with Eagle-Research, are in the early stages of building an educational energy centre, creative incubator and gathering place for transformational leadership.


The primary focus of the facility is to align and channel science and spirituality into a sustainable lifestyle.




The subjects here may span anything from meditation fundamentals to spiritual exercises and from past-life information-gathering methods to the effective use of music baths.