Featured eCards


Applause -
Cheers, Ya done good, pats-on-the-back …
Be You -
faves, fears, foibles – all parts of your unique fabulosity!
Birthday -
Happy New Personal Year!
CatPeople -
There are no ordinary cats. – Colette
Celebrate -
silliness, life, holidays, fun …
Encouragement -
you Can do it! Keep goin'. Believing is seeing!
Law of Attraction -
the manifesting power of high frequency intention
LifeSigns -
the language of Life – belly twitches, God winks, nudges …
Love / Friendship -
send a feeling, touch a heart
Miscellany -
a collection of likeable odd-one-outs
Romance -
Flirt, woo and romance … The One. eCards here are for Lovers.
Thank You -
A grateful heart attracts more of what it desires