This work-in-progress is a labour of love and admiration to honour some of the brilliant people Life has inspired me with.


For the most part they are unsung heroes. Formally recognizing their talents is a way of singing their praises, tithing and counting blessings.


BU Buds will feature a handful of profiles at a time and will be exchanged for others on a random basis.



George carries tools that can fix just about anything — on his belt! (This is new for a big-city-girl) And he goes practically into convulsions over squeaky doors, drawers that don't slide properly and loose anything.


It's embarrassing, (but charming) going into a restaurant and having him stop to fix the door or the table or — ask for their toolbox when larger items, like floors, need a tweak. He prides himself on these skills. Rightly so. Sometimes though, he thinks too much of them!… more



I love her to pieces and miss her deeply. We don't live in the same city any more. So, getting together is expensive – from the other side of the country. … more



Of all the admirable aspects of this energetic fireball, his intense commitment to helping people reach for their stars is The most inspiring




Life as a slave to catpeople is, for me, a sweet thing. Kinda like Unconditional love wrapped in fur with attitude:) … more



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Websites that resonate, in some way, with beingu.com.


Not, necessarily, everything on the websites listed is necessarily in agreement with us.


Unless otherwise noted: … more