What’s your bottom line? If you're like most of us its those issues that thrum with survival-driven juice. When we've got our stuff 'together', right energy just seems to flow. We feel secure, things go smoothly and life is G-R-E-A-T!


Sometimes though, keeping it together is a slippery task. Issues around physical health & fitness, food and shelter can seem to take so much time and effort.


When you hear yourself saying things like "Life's a struggle". "Its dog eat dog out there". "Paycheck to paycheck, is there any other way?" your Bottom Line could probably use a little nourishing and realignment.


Vitality is the personal chi of the body. In its free-flowing state its like party energy pumping through one’s entire being.


Pulse is a mix of strategies for keeping energy Pulsing through the body.


Daily Do Wells is a little cache of effective tips and techniques for managing time and space – so you get more out of both.




Prosperity, so elusive, so sought after soooooooo misunderstood.


Before we can attain (and then maintain — yes, another level) of wealth, we need to broaden our definition to include more than big, huge bags of cash.


Riches … is about the mysteries of wealth — including money.




I release the need for
financial difficulty