Space Clearing, though relatively new to the modern world, has been practiced in many forms in older cultures for a long time. In fact, Space Clearing has it's roots in Feng Shui, dating back at least 5,000 years.


The general premise of Space Clearing is that even with 'normal' use space becomes 'soiled'. Normal day-to-day living is emotionally 'messy'. Anger sparks, jealousy, guilt, embarrassment, frustration even mild sadness imprints on a space.


Everything from the furniture, to the walls, to the flooring, to the plants, to the ambience takes on the value of the eneenergy follows thoughtrgy in the space … just from 'normal' energetic frequencies!


What happens when a space gets charged with the emotional responses to extreme events — divorce, bankruptcy, loss of job, life-threatening illness …? What happens during the course of a month of negative emotions? How about one of those years when 'everything' goes wrong?


If it weren't for people moving in an out of homes, offices, cars, cottages, lockers … which necessitates at least a minimum purge and spit and polish, some spaces would crumble under the weight of negative, chi-deprived, stagnant, unhealthy energy.