This section is for believers. If you believe in a Higher Power, or even if you’re not certain, but think the idea is worth exploring, this is for you.


If you believe in the unlimited potential of the human spirit to evolve to ever greater heights and to uncover ever greater truths, this section is for you!


The Force; the Universe; Life; the Source; Higher Power and God are used as generic terms throughout, the Being Unlimited website, to indicate a Supreme Being, Power or Energy.

Affiliation will any particular religion is unintentional.


Super Natural is about the on-going expedition for spiritual understanding.







Authentic Self is about the process of defining, redefining and reinventing ourselves over and over again. With each revision, the goal is to peel back another layer of fear and impotence.


A little at a time, more of the genuine, illuminated being is uncovered. Slowly, usually with a whole bunch of work, one’s truest Self is revealed.



Energyology is the study of energy.


Despite appearances, we're not necessarily suggesting that we have any of The right answers. What we have are some good questions, some work-in-progress answers and a passion for figuring things out.