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Being Unlimited is a safe place where you will be accepted for who you are and encouraged to become more of yourself.


No matter where ‘you’re comin’ from’; how well put together your self and your life are; no matter what you have or haven’t accomplished we're here to remind you that You are a lovable and capable unlimited being.


Each visit to Being Unlimited will inspire you to your best self.


Beingu.com is a thought-provoking mixture of self-esteem building encouragement, kick-in-the-but! motivation, inner workshops; soul searching; healing rituals; playful icons antics … and all sorts of other ways and means to aspire higher.


Come back often. Beingu.com is a place to find spirit kin, inspiration, sanctuary and challenge.Fake Patek Philippe Calatrava watches




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In keeping with the firm belief that absolutely everything is energy, and given that Being Unlimited is about everything that's about growing ourselves up energetically, organizing beingu.com around the fonts chakra system seemed only natural.


Beingu.com has been divided into 7 main sections. Each section has, in turn, been organized into theme-based departments. Both the sections and the departments reflect subject matters replica rolex watches attributed to specific chakra energies: root; sexual; belly; heart; throat; 3rd eye; crown




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